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Modern Messengers: How Scrum Builds Communication

Modern Messengers: How Scrum Builds Communication

By Rasheeda Berry and Nyleena Roberts

After one of our daily scrums, I was sitting at my desk, reflecting on how modern technology has allowed for our methods of communication to evolve. We no longer send messengers village-to-village to warn of danger; we have weather alerts on our phones; we instant message our managers when we’re running late; and we can skype clients or team members who live in different time zones. Technology has drastically changed how society communicates – yet – we are still faced with the challenges of communication that result in poor delivery.

All human beings communicate. Whether it’s through non-verbal gestures or language(s), communication allows us to navigate social circles and work environments and create communities.

Scrum, cleverly named after rugby team huddles, is a framework that helps modern project managers keep their team members connected and engaged. Oasys adheres to the Agile Project Management ideology, meaning our project goals and guidelines are inherently designed to change as business needs change. Scrum is the perfect communication practice for companies that want to wed agility with structure. It requires project managers to delegate tasks in sprints that can last one week to one month. Team members are invited to participate in sprint planning which promotes self-management and active participation while balancing agility with structure. Oasys has coined the term “structured agility” because we understand that not everything falls into a neat mold and we value the flexibility to adjust approaches while basing it off of a strategy that works. Team members are held accountable by a schedule and encouraged to speak up if there are obstacles that require an alternative approach.,

As Oasys continues to grow our village of employees and customers, we embrace structured agility, with scrum as the backbone of our communication system.