Case Studies

Select Performance Examples

The following engagement summaries represent a small portion of our success in supporting our client’s objectives.

Case study FCC

We were brought in to do something unheard of within the Federal Communications Commission. For decades, the FCC had sold and licensed the television broadcast spectrum. Now, they wanted to buy it back? Incumbent staff had been in place 15 years. Oasys came in as part of a “Red Team” to assess the program and platforms, tell the FCC why it wouldn’t work and then how to fix it. After four months of interviews and analysis we created a new program management office, a structure for spectrum auctions and a platform to manage the billions of dollars in proceeds from new auctions of the spectrum.

In another example, Oasys established the FCC’s first Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) capability for critical auction systems. The results were spectacular: no Oasys-tested system failed during the largest, highest-profile spectrum auction in U.S. history, a $45 billion effort.

Case Study VA

Sometimes our work is emergent and mission-saving. Our Veteran’s Administration cybersecurity work came to us because of agile project work we performed for a different VA client. When the incumbent prime firm stumbled early in the contract – with most every update or upgrade leading to data loss – the client asked us to step to the front. Working around-the-clock for four days, Oasys staffers reversed the action and turned the outcome from complete disaster to a resounding success. It was an incredible amount of work but we found that exceptional processes and attention to detail saved the project. Oasys brought engineering discipline to the task, instituted a testing environment and now the upgrades produce no data loss. Now, VA has a nimble platform for managing every digital entry point on its network.

Oasys introduced several engineering improvements to VA’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Support program. By blending traditional pre-planned Agile Scrum methodologies with the flexibility of Kanban, Oasys engineers tripled the Sprint user story close-out rate in only six months, while simultaneously reducing the average backlog age by 25%.

Case Study DHS Science & Technology

When a physical security incident occurs, response times often determine whether the outcome will be a disaster or a low-impact event. Oasys’ work supporting the Department of Homeland Security/S&T enables emergency managers and first responders to share data and respond in concert. We’re not just solving today’s challenges. We’re looking one to two decades ahead to the day when credentials, skills, qualifications and team resources will be shared in near real time.

Oasys engineers created a prototyping sandbox for DHS to rapidly test and assess potential Commercial Off The Shelf products for the FirstNet Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) effort. The joint learning effort, to help find low or no-cost solutions for the nation’s first responders, has dramatically improved stakeholder engagement and reduced time-to-decision.