Life at Oasys


Lecture Oasys team

Part of that employee nurturing happens in monthly brown bag sessions that inform folks on a variety of topics – work- and non-work-related. For instance, earlier this year we hosted sessions on proposal writing, guidance on personal financial planning and a primer on bourbon! Sessions in 2017 included training on the Oasys Project Management Handbook, Oasys Culture and Values and the latest in emerging technologies. These sessions allow more junior team members to gain experience presenting in front of an audience.

Our support extends outside Oasys, too, to participation in certification training sessions and conferences. More than 80% of staff members have participated in an Oasys-sponsored training or education event. More than half of staff members hold advanced degrees and/or industry certifications.


Effective communications is one of the key factors to our success. Hoarding information limits and hampers a team’s mission. We share intelligence within a corporate repository. As a company, we learn together, find success and then share. That knowledge sharing includes insight into company financials…for all employees. When team members see how well we are doing, it spurs us all to do more.

We have technical career tracks and management career tracks. We will have early conversations about your strengths, what you like and how you want to grow. Want to stay a Subject Matter Expert? You have a place with Oasys. Want to manage a team? We make that happen.