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Oasys operates on simple, but powerful, core values of Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork. These values make us who we are, sustain our relationships and drive how we operate.

We started out as a niche tech firm and gained a reputation for successful delivery. Today, we’re a learning organization, maturing our smarts but not letting growth outpace that learning. While we continue to do intelligence work, we branched out to civilian and commercial challenges and brought those disciplines with us. Like a well-oiled intelligence operation, we nurture and advance our intellect, our curiosity and our clients’ missions.

Oasys is also the Managing Partner to 2 Joint Ventures: MTSA JV ( https://www.mtsa-jv.com/ ) and Invictus JV ( http://invictusjvllc.com/ ).  Management & Technology Services Alliance (MTSA)  is a joint venture comprised of 3 companies: Oasys International, The Kenific Group and Sehlke Consulting LLC.   Invictus JV is a joint venture  Invictus JV, a joint venture comprised of Oasys International and Knight Point Systems, a subsidiary of Perspecta, built to serve and support our Federal Government customers.

Our clients have hard, complicated tasks that elicit few yes or no answers. If the questions were easy, the client would solve them. But we don’t promise to excel. We deliver excellence.


Integrity: We hold ourselves and our peers to the highest moral and ethical principles.

Excellence: We strive to grow, learn and improve our personal and collective performance.

Teamwork: We believe none of us as individuals are as capable as we are together.


Integrity: Our word is our bond, to each other and to our clients.

Excellence: Our clients know they can depend on us to bring our best capability to every challenge.

Teamwork: We are committed to true collaboration where productivity and outcomes are mutually beneficial.



Integrity: Our processes drive the outcomes we demand and we are committed to them.

Excellence: We embrace feedback and constantly work to improve our approaches.

Teamwork: Our transparency and sharing enable everyone to contribute to success.


We’re a seven-year-old company with 100+ years of collective experience solving complicated technical problems. Whether we’re helping the FCC manage its billion-dollar spectrum auctions, Homeland Security transform incident response or the Veterans Administration manage the risk of one million network endpoints, clients know they can give us a task…and stop worrying. Oasys delivers.

We follow a Structured Agility™ framework. It’s flexible – as it should be – but crafted for the mission. We capture the problem set from the client and have a constructed discussion about how to triage so we can progressively deliver. Different problems call for different philosophies and resources…answers might be traditional, they might be agile. Most likely, it’ll be a blend. When Oasys determined one division’s operating method was to put systems into production without testing, we secured and transformed the operation forcing a testing sandbox into the workflow. The outcome? No system breaks from tested components. Oasys integrates.

Oasys’ work divides 80-20…80% of our work is solving client problems by changing business processes, technology or platforms; 20% of our engagements are creating new systems. It’s a good balance. Client problems keep our skills sharpened to rapidly changing environments while the innovation work excites and stretches our creativity. Government problems are solvable; the solutions just require tailoring. Oasys adapts.